Meg Clark

(3rd year Doctoral Candidate)

Meg Clark received her B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh, where she majored in Applied Developmental Psychology. After graduation, Meg worked state government before making a career change to psychology and clinical research. She worked at Drexel University engaging in volunteer research experiences by delivering emotional regulation interventions in Philadelphia Public Schools. She then worked at Drexel's WELL Center, coordinating a study focusing on lifestyle modification for behavioral weight loss, with emphases on acceptance based therapies and physical activity. She is currently a first year PhD student in Dr. Joanna Buscemi's CHOICE Lab. Meg's primary research interests include developing interventions and prevention strategies for promoting healthy eating habits, specifically with children in minority populations. She hopes to further understand the role that emotions play in food-related choices.

Annie Herman

(2nd year Masters Student) 

Annie received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Saint Louis University in 2016.  During her undergraduate career, Annie was involved in a variety of different research projects, including a study examining the efficacy of psychotropic medication in children, and several studies examining common risk factors across addictions.  Annie also spent nearly two years working at McCallum Place, an eating disorder treatment center in Saint Louis.  At McCallum place, she worked directly with patients diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Annie’s research interests include identifying factors that may contribute to successful family-based eating disorder treatment for adolescents, and the development of evidence-based treatment strategies designed for individuals with comorbid type 1 diabetes and eating disorders.

Bernardo Loiacono

(2nd year Doctoral Candidate)


Bernardo received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from DePaul University in 2016. During his undergraduate career, he was involved in researching myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) in children. Upon graduation, he accepted a research assistant position at the Center for Community Research where he continues to study ME/CFS in children. Bernardo’s primary research interests are in understanding chronic illness in children and adolescents, specifically, as it relates to physical functioning.

Dana Mansfield

(1st year Doctoral Candidate)


Dana received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2016. At UNC, she worked as a research assistant in the Anxiety and Stress Lab and the African American Youth Wellness Lab where she became interested in cultural differences in internalizing disorders in youth. She then worked at the University of Michigan as a research study coordinator for a brain-imaging study examining how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) affects the brain in children and adolescents with anxiety disorders. She is now interested in exploring how race-related stressors influence internalizing symptom presentation and health behaviors in youth of color.

Monica Estrada

(Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Monica is an undergraduate student at DePaul University studying Psychology with a concentration in Human Services and a minor in Spanish. Her main research interest includes social and emotional behavioral disorders in youth and how school administration in public education responds to behaviorally disruptive students. She looks forward to studying clinical child psychology in a doctoral program after she graduates from DePaul.

Danya Soto

(Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Danya an undergraduate student at DePaul University studying Psychology with a concentration in Human Services and a minor in Public Law and in Early Childhood Education. Her main research interest is the impact of bilingualism and biculturalism on children and adolescents' mental health. More specifically, she is interested in child depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and eating disorders. She is also interested in studying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness interventions, and implementations of these interventions in public school settings that provide mental health resources to ethnic minorities. After she graduates, she intends to pursue a doctoral degree in Clinical Child Psychology.

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